Seeing a Leaf

tracing the shape of the leaf, and then examining the lines that are inside it

drawing the lines inside the shape

trying paint as a tool to trace the leaf

painting the lines


  1. A perfect thing to do with a leaf, I think. Perfect!

  2. Anna ( and Annie).... I don't believe that a leaf has ever appeared so beautiful to me. I find Annie's rendering compelling because the colors are not limited p the autumn palette to which we so often limit children ( red, yellow, orange) The blue, green and brown of Annie's leaf are suggestive of the deep and varied hues and moods of this season. I so appreciate the magic when a teacher's offerings inspire a child's ability to see and represent their reality. Thank you, Anna. Thank you, Annie!

  3. Brilliant. As a studio teacher myself, I am delighted to see how some of the hundred languages are being used to gain a deeper understanding and connection with leaves. Have you seen the DVD from Ann Pelo & Margie Carter (Harvest Resources) called "To See Takes Time?" I just watched it again last weekend, and imagine that, it focuses on a long-term study of leaves! Regards, Mia

  4. Mia -I just noticed that dvd at NAEYC, but didn't buy it. Now I wish I had.
    Thanks for posting -now I have a new blog to read -yours!

  5. I'm impressed. Great stuff, Anna.


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