How it works in the studio

Here is one thing that can happen in the studio. The Rainbow room has been drawing instruments and thinking about making music together. Children come to the studio to work on instruments or pictures that will further the work in their classroom.

Lorenzo wanted to make a banjo.
He looked for materials and chose cardboard, different kinds of string, and tape.He used a stencil to draw the circle shape and then cut it out himself. Lorenzo enjoys finding materials, and uses them very experimentally (notice the several kinds of tape he tried).

After working a while using his plan for a reference, we looked together at a picture of a banjo. Lorenzo noticed some lines on the neck, some dots, and the pegs. I wonder if he will be satisfied with the sound this banjo makes when he plays it in his classroom? Perhaps he will come back with a revised idea, and continue to work on this banjo, or another.


  1. Thanks for this post. I love to hear the nitty-gritty of how classroom teachers and studio teachers work together (being both myself, it's interesting to think about how it could relate to what I do).


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