more pictures of mural painting

red-winged blackbird
Before starting on the mural, children did many
practice paintings, using the overhead projector to enlarge drawings of birds. It took several days to make each of these paintings, doing a bit at a time until they were finished.

the school building

Only one child questioned the process of different people using all of the drawings. She felt that each child should only paint their own picture. The other children took it in stride that anyone could paint any image.

filling paint cups
just the right mix of red and brown for bricks

painting one of Georgia's drawings
 (Georgia is a middle schooler who shared a catalog
of the birds on the school campus that she created)

working on the sky


  1. I love the idea of using overhead projectors for practice drawings, and giving children the opportunity to keep revisiting their work. Also love seeing how engaged the kids can be in an art project over a longish period of time. At preschool we haven't given our kids the opportunity to do this, so you have given me much food for thought.

  2. Oh my gosh, Anna, I love the pictures of the children working on the mural. And I love that children from other classrooms are working on it too. Will it become a school-wide interest?
    One of the things I have liked most about this bird investigation is how it has captured the interest of so many people. It has drawn out all the quiet naturalists among us. We have gotten emails from parents and grandparents, links to bird videos and webcams, parents of chidlren in other classrooms sharing time and information. I have not seen such far-reaching involvement before. Why do you suppose that is? Is it the subject matter? Is it the children's work being visible around school and in your blog?

  3. mi piace molto questo blog, lo seguo da tempo e segretamente spero di diventare atelierista un giorno!
    continua a mostrare il tuo lavoro e quello che succede, è di grande ispirazione per me!

  4. Molto Grazie per il commento, Giorgia!

  5. here is a comment from Susan -thanks for commenting, I always appreciate that!
    "This mural documentation shows so much of Sabot at its best: collaboration, intense engagement, joy, respect and, as Anna points out, children thinking and working like artists. Wow."


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