"Sound is..traveling through the air, or flying with a cape" exhibit

  Here is a collage of images that show our exhibit as we were hanging it at Gallery 5 in RVA. Work from the preschool is on the walls, with photos from many classes, and at our community event on the 16th I will show videos from some of the other classrooms. It's a start in sharing Sabot's umbrella project work and play, and hopefully in the future we will find more ways to show the power of children to our community.

this panel shows some of the things we want to say with our exhibit

the fire pole at Gallery 5

                                            Marty, Sara, Cris and Maggie helped hang the show

                                                   Forest room clay monster faces (2 and 3 year olds)

               These girls were out exploring the city with their Auntie. They had the first tour of the exhibit!


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