The Kindness of Children

I don't usually take phone calls while I'm at school, but yesterday I was on call with the Vet while my big dog Bill was in surgery. The children wondered what was going on, so I told them that Bill was in the hospital and I was worried about him. W. began to make me a dog to cheer me up, saying to anyone who passed by "Anna's doggie is sick, so I'm making her another Bill!" His care for me was just so sweet, and when he took "Bill" for a walk in the hall with such joy, he did cheer me up.

Children can be like this: just caring and feeling with their whole body and heart.

Planting the labyrinth with the the pre-school staff and Bill


  1. I have so enjoyed watching W. Blossom and become so independent... I love that Bill was involved on the school grounds... Makes the garden feel more special to me now...


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