a new book!

I am very excited that I have a chapter in this book, which is my article on the forest from Voices of the Practitioners. Lot's of great stuff here for you to check out if you are interested in teacher-research...
Our Inquiry, Our Practice
"Through teacher research, teachers engage in the systematic study of their own practice to answer questions they have about teaching and learning, and their own effectiveness. This book explores what teacher research in the early childhood setting looks like, why it is important to the field of early childhood education, and how teacher educators can support it. Including articles from NAEYC’sVoices of Practitioners online journal, Our Inquiry, Our Practice offers a theoretical framework as well as lively accounts of teacher research in action."
On March 9 if you are near Hampton Virginia, you could go to the VAECE conference and see "Conducting, Supporting and Publishing Early Childhood Research" at 2:00. I will be presenting along with Dr. Gail Perry and Leah Muccio of NAEYC.


  1. Will there be copies for purchase?

  2. Congratulations! That is really exciting. I love that article of yours, and share it often. I think of it often too when we are on our own walks in the bush - how the kids interact with their surroundings as they become more and more familiar with the space.


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