Kindergarten sign group

Martin Luther King day inspired the kindergarteners to think about ways they could help the community, and so I told them about my dream of friendly signs all around Richmond. They agreed that this could be one of the things they would do. During the discussion at circle someone in the group mentioned that signs with funny faces on them would make people who were grouchy feel more friendly. 

Happy by Lydia
The next day a group came to the studio to start planning some signs. My interpretation was that we would plan a way to take pictures of people making funny faces, and then make the photos into signs. But as we sat around the table to talk about it, Jesse said he wanted paper to draw signs on. Everyone agreed and so they got paper and markers and drew funny faces instead of photographing them. As they drew and laughed, an idea emerged for a sign-game called:
First people would see the sign above, and then a series of funny face signs would follow, making everyone feel friendly. 
stripey chicken by Annie


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