Building a Story

A mixed-age group of 3 and 4 year old children have been meeting in the studio to think about stories. Story is a very important thread running through the school, and there are stories happening in each of these classrooms as well.
We started by talking about stories that the children already had. These were about Princesses, Wolves, Cowboys with horses, Giants and Kings. Some of those stories were dreams, some were movies and books written by other people. Over time, through repeated tellings, the different individual stories got whittled down into one that the children could act out together. Now we are working together to make a movie of the story.

This is an experiment. Ever since I first saw the work done by littlecreaturesfilms.comI have  been curious about how to help to turn stories created trough dramatic play or drawing into something else, while staying true to the children's intent.