Walkie Talkie Tower- next steps

The kindergarten team met to figure out what to do next, after the initial work with mirrors, bouncing light,  and of course hearing about the Walkie Talkie tower, the building in London that can actually melt cars and cook eggs. One of my intentions for this school year has been to learn more about the crossover between studio thinking and the academic disciplines, especially science and math, which in primary school have the appearance of resistance to visual and expressive languages. This seemed like a place where science and the studio could meet.

This model of the main building was made by a middle
school student and her Father years ago.
The teachers decided to give the children time to draw in their sketch books, so that we cold gather some of their ideas. We also decided to introduce the idea of a model, thinking that a group may want to build a model of the building in London.

Hailey's idea
It's a boy and and he's sad cause he doesn't have someone, and he looks over and sees her, and then he saves her and they're in love.

Hunter's idea
So many mirrors. It (Sun) hit's the mirror and it bounces off all those mirrors right there and it went on a high speed race car and melts and you know why it's blurry? Cause I erased it a little so it will still stay there, but it's just a little erased. And see all that oil?

There's even this line on top (like an antenna).    In the video it showed someone cooking an egg OUTSIDE!



next up- the group builds a model


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