The Umbrella project at Sabot for 2020-2021 is Generations. The UNESCO Futures of Education initiative points to a need for science education mixed with philosophy in order to “harness customs and knowledge for planetary survival”. This is an entreaty to look at habits and heritage that grew in our particular landscape in order to inform the future. This means learning about our own family heritage but also those of our neighbors. It means learning to acknowledge the original stewards of the land we live on, and learning to care for the land the way the first peoples did. 

What traditions allowed your ancestors to live justly in the earth? How did the ways people made decisions come through the generations down to our technological age? Were democratic traditions like family or town meetings important?  What voices were unheard in these processes?

What traditional crafts and practices helped people live sustainably on this land? Which of those traditions survives still? In your house do you have quilts, handmade clothing or furniture? Do you still save the fall harvest through canning or freezing? Do you think about Michael Pollan’s advice not to eat anything that your grandmother wouldn’t recognize?

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